Granite & Marble Services

Granite & Marble Services

We offer granite fabrication, installation and restoration services. From homeowners to contractors, and large corporations such as U.S. Cellular Field and the Hilton Hotel, we have made a name for ourselves as a well respected provider of natural stone fabrication/installation in Illinois and Indiana.

Our goal is to be there for the customer every step of the way. Our outstanding level of customer service and support is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Ready to transform your home with the beauty of natural granite or marble? So are we! Let us help you turn your vision into a reality. We offer fair, up-front, affordable pricing and deliver on time and within budget.




After the measurements are taken for your home or business, our process begins the following day. We start fabrication the granite the very next day to ensure that your counter tops are installed by the date given to you at the time of measurement. After receiving the granite and measurements, our workers begin the process of completing your custom kitchen counter tops. All cuts are made to perfection, so your counter tops do not have any gaps or spacing, as well as the edging of your choice.

Granite Instllation


Our employees have many years of experience which allows them to complete the job tailored to your needs. During the installation process, we install your granite and sink. At this point, the granite is secured and ready for use. Artistic Stone professionally seals, polishes and buffs your granite on site after installation to protect your granite and create a beautiful shine. (see restoration)

Granite Restoration


The restoration process is very important, and often overlooked by many owners of marble or granite. Over the past year, we were informed that marble and granite should be re-sealed, polished and buffed at least once a year in order to preserve it’s natural beauty and shine. We offer restoration services in order to keep your granite and marble looking like new!

  1. Counter tops are cleaned with Artistic Stone professional marble and granite cleaner
  2. A heavy duty sealer is applied in order to protect the marble and granite
  3. After 10 minutes, we polish the countertops with specially formulated wax
    that creates a shine and very smooth surface
  4. A special buffer is used to bring out the natural color and shine of your stone